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♦ Welcome to Parasiet.com, the online resource for ordering a parasite test package along with answering all your questions regarding parasites, their symptoms and their complications. ♦

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Questionnaire About Common Symptoms

The presence of protozoa in the intestine manifests in different symptoms. Besides flatulence, abdominal pain and change in stool structure or frequency, the patient can suffer from insomnia, fatigue or skin irritation. In the questionnaire the most common complaints are included. If you have a high score it is useful to order a test for parasites.
These symptoms do not belong exclusively to an infection with parasites and can be caused by a bacterial infection or diseases such as ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, food allergy and other disease. If you have a high score, it is important to consult your doctor.

Common symptoms caused by intestinal parasites.    

Bowel Symptoms

Yes Regularly

abdominal pain or cramping


an uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen


abdominal distension




more than 2 stools daily


periods of diarrhea




pasty stool


mucus in the stool


smelly stool


stools that stick to toilet


undigested food






stomach ache




food intolerance


decreased symptoms with a low carbohydrate diet


loss of appetite


children pale, listless


social restrictions because of the complaints


work loss due to intestinal problems




In combination with bowel symptoms:






anal itching








itchy skin


itchy ears or eyes


fungal infections


hair loss




bad taste in the mouth


ulcers in the mouth


bladder irritation


vaginal irritation


joint or muscle pain or weakness


muscle cramps


sugar craving, starch or sugar consumption increase the symptoms




decreased mental concentration




Increased risk of infection with parasites:

Do (or did) you work in/near:    





medical laboratory


children’s playgroup, (nursery) school,


airport or port


asylum, waste processing, meat industry, as a plumber, butcher


parents with the above profession


family member/partner with bowel symptoms


infected family members positive for parasites


(small) children with abdominal complaints


homosexual contacts (male)


visited developing countries


starting of problems after a period of diarrhea during travel


diarrhea after contaminated food


diarrhea after swimming


frequent contact with animals


in the past you have been tested positive for intestinal parasites


your partner or children have been tested positive for intestinal parasites


you are treated for a parasite infection but not retested




Thank you for visiting this website. We hope that we have provided you with sufficient information and have answered your questions regarding intestinal parasites. It is our goal to contribute to the diagnosis of intestinal problems, since one in five people suffer from chronic bowel complaints. Stool exams provide a major contribution in identifying the cause of the symptoms. For many people the diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS, and testing is of great value since more than 30% of IBS patients are infected with parasites.

Many doctors do not order parasitic tests, the reason is often the unfamiliarity with the subject. Many doctors assume that most people are infected in (sub) tropical regions, and are not aware that infection with parasites is no longer the specialized field of tropical medicine. Through tourism and immigration we all come into contact with intestinal parasites on a daily basis. Children are often contract a infection in kindergarten or school. The laboratory uses advanced DNA testing techniques and offers the test at the lowest possible price.